Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


HealthVib HAV system 

1. Can I only use HAV instruments by gloves? 

No, it is also possible to mount the sensor on the machine to measure the vibration.

HealthVib WBV system

1. Why all values are 0 after i saved the file on WBV300? 

You might have the Body sensor activated and you used it without sitting on the seat plate.In this case, the values are not recorded. 


VibNoiseView 3.0

1. How do I get the License key?

You need to send the Serial number which is showing up after installation, to your supplier, so that they can send the License key to you.

2. Do I need different license for different instrument?

Yes, each type of instrument has it's own license, for example if you have HealthVib HAV units, you will have license for HAV systems.

3. Can I export the values into another file formats?

Yes, it is possible to export the data into different formats such as .xls, .xlsx or .txt.

4. Do I need to be connected to internet in order to use the software?

No. The only time that you need to be connected is to activate the license key.