HealthVib HAV100-3Ch


HealthVib HAV100 system measures and analyses HAV as required by ISO-5349 and EU-directive 2002/44/EG. Measuring by use of HealthVib HAV is easy to learn and carry out. The unit does not require cables or any special configurations. HealthVib HAV can be used in field conditions. HealthVib HAV100-3Ch s an instrument system for measuring hand arm vibrations on one hand in three directions, x,yx,z, calculated as vector sum according to the EU directive. This functionality reveals the vibration origin and thus makes it easier to choose the corrected preventive action.Vibration data is stored and analyzed during the measurement.

The HealthVib HAV100-3Ch connected to a Vibindicator™ HAV for simultaneous presentation of the actual and accumulated vibration exposure.