HealthVib WBV500


HealthVib® WBV500 system measures and analyses i.e. on driver seat or standing as required by ISO-2631 and EU-directive 2002/44/EG. Measuring using HealthVib® WBV is easy to learn and carry out. The vibration data is collected and analysed wireless and in three directions simultaneously.

According to guidance in ISO-2631 and EU-directive 2002/44/EG; HealthVib®WBV 500 measures and analyses whole body vibrations in three directions. HealthVib®WBV500 is easy to use which does not require any expertise knowledge, cables, software or any other special configurations. The dominant direction of vibration exposure is simultaneously on a colorful display which is besides being connected to WBV Vibindicator shocks.

The vibration data is collected and analysed in three directions simultaneously. Through the use of button controls, results can be displayed as r.m.s or VDV, 1/second intervals, the eight/hour daily vibration dose. Also peak and SED factor can be read out. The vibration dose is displayed on a colour screen 128*128 px and can also be sent on an external display (Vibindicator Shock). By having the automatic stop & start function the unwanted data is excluded.